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Growing up in Pembrokeshire, I would take any opportunity to get on my bicycle with a backpack of paints and paper and disappear on the coastline for a day at a time. For me, the painting experience was more than just paint on paper.

The joy of finding or even better discovering a location was all part of my process. I would my find my location, sit and close my eyes for a long while and breath it all in. The smell of the flowers, plants and sea air, the buzz of the insects, the squark of the seagulls, the seals snuffling in the bay below, the noise from the sea. In my solitude, the sound was deafening, an orchestra of noise. Against my skin, I could feel the heat of the sun, the breeze in the air carrying the smells of the land and sea. Then I’d open my eyes and look around me. This beautiful landscape I was sitting in, this was my heaven, and many years later still continues to be. I can’t think of a better way to start painting.

A Rachel Busby watercolour

Last week, we headed to south of the county to Bosherston. From the tranquility of the lily ponds, we meandered down to the beach of Broad Haven South. The jagged rocks, the restlessness of the sea was our groups inspiration for that day.

Enjoy this experience with me, take a closer look at this wonderful place. Take time out to relax, discover, absorb and reflect all the things that interest you through the medium of paint.

Another Pembrokeshire coast watercolour

Join me, visual artist Rachel Busby for a fun outdoor painting workshop on the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. With 186 miles of extraordinary coastline, the choice is endless. Let me take you on a short walk with painting stops to some unforgettable locations, some popular, some hidden gems.

Open to all, novices, amateurs and arts professionals. Basic materials are provided.

I love to share my passion for painting and enjoy teaching and lecturing both locally and in London, notably at the Royal College of Art, London.

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